If not a big estate, maybe a small one-storey house?

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If we don’t need a large estate, it’s worth betting on small single-storey houses. Choosing a design tailored to our individual needs and skillful planning of free space will give us a cosy and functional place to live. The advantage of a small house is that it is easy and cheap to build. It allows you to make your dream of having four angles poured in. Maintaining such a house is comfortable and inexpensive, which is also an argument for choosing this solution.

The house does not have to be big.

Having a small house turns out to be much more practical than having some extensive property. The biggest advantage is that you save a lot of money, which can be seen at every stage – buying the design of the house, its implementation, interior decoration and future use of the building. Moreover, it is very often the case that building plots in attractive locations are small. The times when you built one house for life and it served the next generation are long gone. More and more people decide to buy or build a temporary house and then move on. A small house is a great option for young couples, especially without children and for seniors. They are not a nuisance when it comes to maintenance, cleaning and heating. Finished projects are available in many variants, thanks to which every investor will find something for himself or herself – interesting, comfortable, adapted to needs.

Projects of small single-storey houses – what is worth remembering?

When deciding on a small house, you should remember a few important issues.

  • They often do not have a garage, but it is possible to build it later as a separate building or a detached object.
  • They are available both in a ground floor version and with a usable attic.
  • Building a small single-storey house is much cheaper than one with a usable attic.
  • In case of single-storey houses, the costs associated with the construction of stairs disappear.
  • The advantage is that with a small area you can save on heating, because there is a small area to insulate. As you know, heating costs consume the vast majority of the budget, which translates into considerable annual savings.
  • With a small house you can also talk about much less complicated finishing work.